What happened to Test Shoot?

Here is the update:

It has been a few years since the site was fully functional. This is for a few reasons, mostly professional in other areas outside photography. When you have clients like Yahoo, Fox, Redbull, DirecTV, NFL, Herbalife, etc, you get really sidetracked.

So what's next:

Well, as you know, I also have TestShoot.net and that site is going to become an information portal and I may invite some people to have free gallery space, blogs, etc. Who knows how motivated I'll be.

But when?

Soon, I hope to get some things in order, but expect it to be rolling by year's end.

Test Shoots planned for the future?

Actually, yes. I am working with a model to send to Maxim, and a few other things. It is not some blind shoot for a girl off the street, she actually has a reason to be in there.